Recycling Material Preparation Instructions

Food and Beverage Cans

  • Rinse food cans
  • Insert lid into container and pinchtop of can closed
  • All cans may be flattened
  • Deposit into bin


  • Any inserts found in a newspaper are acceptable
  • Place paper in bottom or stand it up in bin

Junk Mail/Magazines/Catalogs

  • All types of letters and brochures received in the mail are acceptable

Corrugated Cardboard

  • Includes packing or storage boxes
  • All boxes must be flattened and cut into pieces not larger than two feet on a side
  • Must be bundled
  • Corrugated cardboard is generally a three-layer, heavy, brown paper that has a wavy appearance when viewed from the side


  • Includes cereal boxes, paper tubes, and soda and beer cartons
  • Containers must be free from plastic liners and food residue

Glass Bottles and Jars

  • Remove all lids
  • Please rinse all bottles and jars
  • Labels and metal and plastic rings can be left on
  • Deposit both clear and colored glass into bin


  • Includes soda bottles, milk and water bottles, six and 12-pack rings, butter and margarine containers, yogurt containers, clear or colored laundry detergent bottles, and most juice bottles
  • Plastics coded Number 1 through Number 5 (codes are generally visible on the bottom of the item)
  • Please rinse and remove caps
  • Crush plastic bottles to save room in your bin

Unacceptable Materials

  • Window glass
  • Ceramics
  • Computer printout paper
  • Wire or other metal
  • Aluminum scrap or foil

*Information courtesy of Waste Management North.

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