Information: Commercial Solicitation

Commercial Solicitation

After consulting with the Village attorney, it has been determined that Villages cannot prevent the authorization of door-to-door commercial solicitation due to provisions of the United States Constitution. While there are no active solicitor’s permits in the Village at this time, you may encounter a solicitor in the community.   From the lack of applications received by the Village it appears that companies who participate in door-to-door commercial solicitation have reduced their operations during this time.  The Police Department, who issues the authorizations, will be performing the necessary screening of any applicants and providing guidance on social distancing and other safety measures to any potential solicitors.

If you do not want solicitors to come to your door, you can post a “No Solicitors” notice near your front entrance.  Solicitors are required to adhere to this notification.  For your convenience, we have provided a “No Solicitors” notice that you can download and post at your home.

No Solicitors Sign