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1. Who plows my streets?
2. What do I do if the snowplow damaged my mailbox?
3. Why is snow always left at the end of my driveway?
4. When is street sweeping done?
5. Who do I call regarding questions about roadwork?
6. Who do I call about a dead tree on the parkway?
7. How do I get a street sign fixed or replaced?
8. How do I get a street light fixed or replaced?
9. Where do I report a pothole for repair?
10. Where do I report a manhole cover is loose or missing?
11. Where do I report a water main break?
12. Where do I report concerns regarding road construction?
13. How do different storm conditions impact snow removal? What about salt use?
14. The storm is sewer is blocked, who do I call?
15. Why is my water pressure low?