Bike Trails

Bike & Trail Amenities

Grayslake was one of the first communities in the Chicago region to create a comprehensive development plan for trails, bike paths, and sidewalks. In cooperation with Grayslake Park and School Districts, the Village has implemented several additions to the trail system that will allow residents and students greater access to and from the Village neighborhoods, schools, the downtown business district, parks, and other amenities.

This community-wide system encourages a healthy lifestyle, boosts property values, and reduces the reliance on the automobile. The result is the most extensive and complete community-wide trail system in the region.

The Grayslake bike path system is approximately 21 miles long. It links to the Lake County Forest Preserve District's 5-mile trail winding through the Rollins Savanna and the Liberty Prairie Conservatory's 1 mile connection to the Des Plaines River Trail, a 40-mile link to the Chicagoland area.

Most of the bike path improvements since 1990 have been funded with grant and/or developer contributions. No property tax dollars were used.

Bike Path Map

Download the Bike Path Map (PDF).

Download the Village Center Bike Path Map (PDF).