Dollars by District

Property Tax Amounts

The Village, like other taxing districts, relies on property taxes for a portion of its operating revenues. The Village receives approximately four percent of a Grayslake resident's property tax bill, depending on the elementary school district in which they live.

What this Means to You

For a homeowner living in Grayslake, this means your property tax bill for a $250,000 home is approximately $10,335.82 (School District Number 46 residents) or $11,033.96 (School District Number 50 residents). Of this amount, the Village of Grayslake receives $463.24 per year, which equates to $38.60 per month.

Not All Property Taxes Go to the Village

Listed in the table below are the approximate dollar amounts paid toward the 2022 property tax bill by Grayslake residents. Note that the Village only receives a small portion of your total property tax bill. You can see from the table that the Village is one of many taxing districts that receive funds directly from your property tax payments.

For more information on property taxes, contact the Village Hall at 847-223-8515. Please note that property tax dollars for each district are posted annually in May.

2022 Property Taxes (Paid in 2023)

School District 46 Resident

Taxing DistrictTax PercentAmount
Forest Preserve1%$149.32
Village of Grayslake4%$463.24
High School 12733%$2,996.26
School District38%$4,295.59
College of Lake County3%$254.94
Township of Avon1%$122.68
Grayslake Community Park District4%$408.52
Grayslake Area Library District3%$365.26
Grayslake Area Fire Protection District7%$716.18
Total Taxes Paid 100%$10,335.82

School District 50 Resident

Taxing DistrictTax PercentAmount
Forest Preserve1%$164.47
Village of Grayslake5%$514.39
High School 12736%$3,931.87
School District35%$3,903.17
College of Lake County2%$258.30
Township of Avon1%$133.56
Grayslake Community Park District4%$433.81
Grayslake Area Library District4%$390.76
Grayslake Area Fire Protection District7%$757.23
Total Taxes Paid 100%$11,033.96

*Figures based on a $250,000 home. Actual bills may vary depending on home valuations, property tax, homestead, or other credits.

*Percentages are rounded.