Garbage Can Exchange


The Garbage Can Exchange Program takes place once a year in March and allows residents to change the size of their garbage toter. Residents wishing to take part in the program should contact the Request for Service System at 847-223-8515 between January 1 and February 15.

In order to accommodate various resident service needs, there are three types of can sizes for residents to select from:

  • Standard Size / 90 Gallon Can - $24.22 per month
  • Medium Size / 65 Gallon Can - $21.60 per month
  • Small Size / 35 Gallon Can - $18.01 per month

Monthly rates include fees for recycling services, leaf vacuuming service, holiday tree pick-up, and special spring yard waste pick-up week.


Registration for the Garbage Can Exchange program begins annually in January and ends on February 15.

For more information on when the exchanges will take place, please click here.