Street Prioritization Plan

Plow Prioritization Order

Based on street usage and levels of traffic, the Village has a specific order in which Village-maintained streets are plowed as part of the snow and ice removal plan. The general order is as follows:

  1. High traffic arterial roads
  2. Side streets
  3. Low traffic cul-de-sacs

Plowing Main Streets

The goal of the system is to get the main roads, which are most widely used, open as quickly and safely as possible. In response to more severe storms, the Public Works Department and Village contractors focus on keeping these main roads as clear as possible.

Public Works Department crews will continue post-storm cleanup operations following initial plowing and salting. In the following days, all streets will be cleared curb-to-curb and cul-de-sacs will be plowed with smaller size trucks.

Plowing Cul-De-Sacs

Cul-de-sacs pose a special challenge. The structure of cul-de-sacs makes them extremely difficult and time-consuming to plow. Due to the low traffic volume on these streets, the Village is usually only able to get to them after other streets have been plowed.

Snow and ice removal has to be prioritized based on traffic volumes to provide the greatest level of safety to the greatest number of residents, as quickly as possible.