Program Details & Background

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Lands in Harmony and Conservation@Home are two programs through Openlands which is partnering with the Village of Grayslake to help residents achieve and preserve eco-friendly landscaped homes. This program brings experts from Openlands to your homes to assess how eco-friendly landscape methods could be used on your property.

See the program flyer here.

The Village will reimburse residents for 50% ($25) of an initial home visit with a Conservation@Home representative, as well as 50% (up to $250) of eligible improvements recommended by Openlands.

Four Projects to Improve Your Land

  1. Plant an Oak Tree
  2. Add Native Plants
  3. Update your Lawn Care
  4. Remove Buckthorn from your Property

Steps to the Program

  1. Setup a site-visit with Openlands
  2. Openlands informs the Village of the visit
  3. The Village reimburses resident for 50% of the visit
    If resident decides to continue with the program...
  4. Openlands will certify household for the eligible improvements made
  5. Upon certification, resident submits paid invoice to Village
  6. The Village will reimburse for 50% of eligible improvements up to $250

Reimbursements are on a first come first serve basis until budgeted dollars are exhausted. Reimbursements are for this fiscal year's participation. If funds remain at the end of the fiscal year consideration may be given to prior years participants.

For more information and to schedule a home visit, visit the Openlands website.