Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need a permit?

Almost all building or property changes require a permit with the Building Department. Common examples of projects that require a permit with the Village are, but not limited to; decks, fences, additions, new buildings/structures, interior alterations (including bathroom/kitchen/basement remodeling), pools/hot tubs, sheds, patios/driveways/paving, re-paving, lawn irrigation systems, siding, roofing, brickwork, tuckpointing, electrical improvements, plumbing improvements, water heaters, HVAC, window replacement, door replacement, demolition, sewer repairs, water repairs, signs, etc.

Please click the below link to see the list of building and property changes that are NOT required to obtain a permit.  Please consult with the Building Department before making any interior or exterior changes to your property.

Residential           Non-Residential   


How much does a permit cost?

Permit fees are calculated as part of the permit review and must be paid before the permit is issued.  Please see the Summary of Fees for permit fees, which is updated annually.

Does the Village have customer service standards regarding the time it takes to issue permits or comments regarding my permit application?

Yes, there are different customer service standards depending on the type of permit being requested, provided that the permit application is complete and accurate.  This helps ensure the most timely issuance possible for each type of permit.

What building codes has the Village adopted?

Please see the General Construction Information Handout.  


Where can I view the building codes?

  1. The International building codes are available online at
  2. Local amendments to adopted codes are located at under Title 15 (and Title 8 for the International Fire Code)
  3. The IL Plumbing Code and IL Accessibility Code can be viewed at the IL State websites

What are the construction working hours?

Please see the General Construction Information Handout   

Does Grayslake require contractor registration?

No, the Village does not require contractor registration

What do I need to submit for a permit?

  1. New buildings and additions  
  2. Alterations, remodeling’s, commercial buildouts 
  3. Miscellaneous Permits 

I live in the Prairie Crossing Subdivision, what are the codes and how do I submit for a permit?

As part of the annexation agreement that brought the Prairie Crossing Subdivision into the Village of Grayslake, there was a requirement that Lake County would perform the plan review and the inspections for this area.  Projects in Prairie Crossing must conform with the Village of Grayslake zoning requirements and must comply with the Lake County adopted building codes.  The current Lake County adopted building codes can be found here.

Please call the Lake County Building Department at 847-377-2600 with code related questions for this subdivision.

To submit for a building permit for a Prairie Crossing address, please submit the required permit submittals to the Village of Grayslake.  The Village will work with the Lake County Building Department for the plan review. Once ready, the Village will issue the building permit.  Please know that the Village cannot control the time periods that the Lake County Building Department will take on plan review and other permitting, inspection schedule, and other construction related services.   Once the project is ready for inspections, the Lake County Building Department must be contacted to perform the inspections.  Once all inspections are completed and passed and no further punch list items remain, the Village will issue the Certificate of Occupancy or Completion.