Management Services


The Management Services Department, located in the Village Hall, centralizes support services for all Village departments and is comprised of two divisions, the Administration and Finance Divisions.

Administration Division

The Administration Division includes the offices of the Mayor and Village Manager. This Department provides support services for the other Village departments including:

  • Contract management (privatization program)
  • Financial forecasting
  • Human resources administration
  • Clerical support
  • Public information
  • Grant seeking and administration
  • Issue research / Analysis
  • Staff support to various boards and citizen advisory commissions
  • Issuance of various licenses as required by ordinances
  • Community improvement planning / administration
  • Freedom of Information requests
  • Business license administration
  • Liquor license administration
  • Environmental Programs administration
  • Senior Center oversight
  • Aquatic Center oversight
  • Community Garden administration

Finance Division

The Finance Division handles the Village's financial functions including:

  • Budget administration
  • Water / garbage / recycling billing and collection
  • Payroll
  • Investment management
  • Accounting processes for the Village's departments
  • Accounts receivable services

Request for Service System

The Management Services Department also operates the Village's unique Request for Service System. This system provides the best place for citizens to request non-emergency services or information. The Department operates a computer tracking system that ensures proper follow-up on requests from the Village departments. The system sends completion cards to residents for input on system response.